Association | Commonly Asked Questions

The street light is out, Who do I call?
Please contact LG&E by clicking the link below to report the faulty street lamp.

My mailbox needs repair, Who do I call?
The Duggins Company can be reached at (502) 966-5774

I'm moving into the neighborhood. What do I need to do?
You need to meet and comply with the obligations as set forth in the Declarations of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions. At your closing, please ask your closing agent for a copy and read them thoroughly. In addition, all assessments must be paid in full for a resident to be an active member of the Association.

I'm closing on a house soon. How do I find out if the annual assessments are paid?

Contact the current treasurer at the number listed under "officers".

When are the annual assessments due?

Lot owners are assessed each calendar year on January 1st and the annual assessments are due without penalty or interest by February 1.

What are the current annual assessments?

Annual assessments are $375.

I am new to the neighborhood, and I need to know who to call to have my garbage collected, utilities turned on etc..
See "Common Phone Numbers"

May I erect a fence?
All fences require writen approval from the Association prior to any fence construction.

May I construct a pool?
Only below grade pools are permitted in Glen Oaks. Pool construction requires written approval from the Association prior to any installation activities have taken place.